Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Spring In My Step!

Boy am I glad it's Spring! I am loving how it stays lighter longer--I feel as if I can get so much more accomplished! Speaking of accomplishing things and hitting milestones, I thought I would share a small milestone with you! I have been on this blogging/TpT journey for less than a year now and have already learned so much and met so many wonderful people! I recently just got over 100 followers in my little TpT store and I couldn't be more excited:) I have also gotten to participate in a loop as well as many giveaways! The blogging world is such a fun place to be and I am so happy I found all of you!

I have not yet accomplished this, however, one of my "spring cleaning" goals is to print all of my pictures and organize them into albums. I have been meaning to do this FORever. There is just something about the feeling of extreme organization that just tastes so sweet!

Spring in my town is BEE-YOUUUU-TIIII-FULLL! I'm originally from South Dakota, however, now reside in Houston, TX. By beautiful I mean the weather. I don't mind the heat, or really even the humidity to a point. I grew up in South Dakota where Spring could still mean a snow storm! This girl will DEFINITELY take the heat and humidity any day! I have recess duty and it has been absolutely wonderful outside! Spring in Houston means that it is almost ready to be into the scorching temperatures! Time for tanning, reading by the pool, Spring dresses, and shorts!

Do the Bunny Hop! {A CVC Word Game}

This CVC word game is perfect for RTI students and struggling readers! It is perfect for literacy centers or to use as a guided reading skill:)
All Students Can Shine

This interactive notebook is awesome! Perfect for science notebooks and has great visuals!

I don't know about your kids, but mine LIVE for crafts! Some of these go perfectly with the units and themes we study in the Spring semester! I love how simple they are and that they require simple materials to get your hands on!
Hands On As We Grow

Looking for books to add to your bookshelf for spring? Try these! So cute and can be used as introductory lessons for many things!

Buggy and Buddy Books

Who doesn't love them self a freebie!? I've been busy working on my Phonics Poems Pack for short vowels! This is a sample poem from my pack especially for you! This will be a forever freebie in my store! Our class does poetry in the spring and although my first graders are past CVC words, this is the perfect way to introduce poems as well as the parts of the poems to them! I hope you can enjoy this just as much as my class will! :)

I am so glad that you were able to join me! Thanks for stopping by! Check out what others are up to this Spring and look for other freebies and resources! NOW ......for the GIVEAWAY! Follow all of these amazing teachers to earn yourselves some points for your chance to win! Good luck to you and Happy Spring! :)

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  1. Thanks for all the fun spring ideas! Your town does look beautiful. Mine still has snow so we are not quite at the beautiful stage yet, but hopefully soon!