Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made-it: TpT Products and Banners

Happy Monday, y'all! This week has been a fun, yet productive one! I have seen so many good ideas and reading lots of blog posts:) I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics this week for Monday Made it! I am so excited to share with you what I have been up to this week! Let's dive on in, shall we?!
I created my very first Teachers Pay Teachers Product this week and I am very excited about it! This is a freebie in my TpT store:) I decided that I wanted to brighten up my classroom this year and in doing so, I wanted a fun, cute, and bright word wall. Well have I got the thing for you! I have created word wall headers that are framed in bright colors for you to print out and use on your word wall. I did all 26 letters of the alphabet (obviously) and in each header is a capital and lowercase letter. You can print them out, laminate them, and keep them as they are, or you can do what I am going to do and place them on the tops of black construction paper to laminate so the colors really pop! The colors include pink, orange, purple, green, light blue, and yellow. These colors follow a pattern throughout the whole alphabet. Here is a preview of what the headers look like!

If you are interested in this Freebie, head on over to my TpT store by clicking here! Don't forget to leave some love and feedback. I love to read what people write:)  You can also show my little store some newly opened love by following me on Tpt. 

I have been finally getting more followers on Bloglovin'Instagram, and Facebook and I am so thankful for my followers already. All of you look so wonderful and I cannot wait to connect and make friendships with you!

I pulled a late-nighter last night and finished up my second product on TpT! I had so much fun making the first one, I think I may be addicted:) I am also excited to share this one with you! Last year, I had so much trouble keeping track of which sight words my students had mastered. I have two sets of classes as a reading teacher which is close to 50 kids! I kept an updated sight word checklist as well as attempted to do a filing system for mastered sight words, however, the keep up on this task was very difficult. Browsing around, I began to see sight word books that each student could have and they placed a sticker on each word they could say without hesitating too long. I am a strong believer in pushing sight words because if a student can read them fluently, this will help them with their reading fluency, comprehension, and everything else will follow! I saw versions that were great, but I wanted to focus primarily on Dolch sight words. I began to create a sight word sticker book for this year's bundles of joy! 

There are 8 pages of sight words for a total of all 220 Dolch sight words for your students to master! I am so happy about these because they are mobile, which means I can send them home for extra practice. I don't know about you, but my first graders will do pretty much anything for a sticker. This method has been classroom tested and it works wonders! Students are not driven to learn and take charge of their learning. This has really allowed my students to increase their reading fluency and all around has helped them become better readers and writers. I am so much more organized as each student has one and keeps it in their book bag! This is now available at my TpT store:) Here is the link again.

I also was able to make a name banner for my classroom this week! As you can see, my name looks very difficult for anyone to pronounce, let alone first graders! They are always asking how to spell my name and it is required we have our names posted above our white boards. I thought this would be a way to add a fun pop of color in a cute way! I have yet to put it together with the cute purple ribbon because I want to laminate it first:)
All I did was picked up some cute patterned paper from Michaels, cut, and free handed my name on with marker. Super simple way to add a splash of color in your room! I'm excited to see it hanging up!
More pictures to come when my classroom is all set up!

Stay tuned next week for my next Made-it projects!
P.s= for those of you wondering, my last name is pronounced (CUH-TOO-ZIS) It's greek and I blame my husband!

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  1. I found you at the linky party! Congrats on starting your TPT journey. You are going to love and already have two wonderful products!! I LOVE the sticker books and it probably be a new purchase for me! New follower!
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  2. Super cute stuff! I found your blog from the linky party. I should have something finished for next week! I am a second year teacher too and also have a new blog. Follow me back?? :) rockymountainkinders.blogspot