Meet Me

My name is Kayla and I am in my 3rd year of teaching first grade!

I am originally from South Dakota, born-and-raised! I made the trek across many states to a small town in Oklahoma to attend a 4 year University named Oklahoma Wesleyan University. During my freshman year, I met a guy (he was a SENIOR at the time, ohh la la) and the rest is history. 3 years later we would marry the week after I graduated, go onto our honeymoon in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and move to his hometown of Houston, Texas all in a two week period. Can you say "Whew?!" Here is me and my "hunk-a roo."

I am obsessed with health topics, organic products, and anything related to natural cures and home remedies. Do not ask me why, I just love it!

Here are some of my favorites for you to get to know me in one minute or less!

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea - Lipton Green Tea Citrus- Peach Tea
Favorite TV Show: Anything Reality
Favorite season: Spring or Fall
Favorite things to do: Shop, Sing, Craft, Spend time with my husband
Favorite Clothing Store: Charming Charlie
Favorite Shopping Store: Target--it. has. everything!

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