Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Simple Teacher Hack

Hi friends! I wanted to quickly tell you about a #teacherhack that I use in my classroom that seems to work very well! It is VERY simple and you can do this with only a couple things!

I've shared this on my Instagram stories this past school year, but I thought I would put it in one place for future references and I thought I would share it again in case you missed it!

If you are going to any teacher supply stores or the dollar store this summer, make sure to pick up some extra fine motor tweezers. These are very inexpensive and great to have on hand! If you are going to purchase some for stations, centers, or anything similar, you will need a SEPARATE pair or couple of pairs for this hack because you won't really want to interchange them!
If you are a primary teacher, I'm sure you can relate to me! In my first grade classroom, of course we teach the students to "pick up after themselves"and to "respect the classroom environment"; however, it never seems to fail--THE DIRTY TISSUE ON THE FLOOR. 

You know, the one NOBODY claims or the one that is sitting there, staring at you after all the kids have left the room. The one YOU have to try and quickly pick up using a clean tissue; touching as little of it as you can and tossing it into the trash can like a ninja. You know, THAT tissue.

When I was student teaching, my mentor teacher, Mrs. Askins, used this hack or something similar and it has been implemented into my classroom ever since!

In my classroom, I designate a specific spot for the "nose picker cup/jar." (I'm pretty sure that is what my mentor teacher called it)-- but it has "stuck" and it sure does bring about some questions! However, you can call your whatever you would like! You are not limited to "nose pickers!" ;)

 At the beginning of the year, I show the students step-by-step instructions on how to use the "nose pickers" and slowly begin to release the students to use them as the tissues appear on the floor.  I show the students where their hand should touch the tweezer and where their hand should NOT touch the tweezer.  Once taught, all I simply have to do is ask!

"________, would you please grab a nose picker?"
"Will someone please grab a nose picker?"

One student goes to grab the tweezers, places the tissue in the trash, and quickly goes to wash their hands (just to be sure)!

Most students jump at the chance to use them and gladly pick up the used tissue off of the floor!

The students know exactly what I mean and know exactly how to use the "nose picker."

Of course you will need a method of cleaning your tweezers using a child safe cleaner (especially if their hand accidentally touches the unsanitary part of the tweezer).  You will want to sanitize the tweezers frequently or after you know they have been used.
You can develop your own "tweezer cleaning method" based on what works for you!

Using the "nose pickers" makes my classroom free of those gross, used tissues (most of the time) because the students like to help out by using them! Especially during the dreaded cold and/or allergy season!

I hope that you find this helpful and implement this simple trick into your classroom next year! Thanks for stopping by!

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