Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made it: Gearing up for the school year

Happy Monday to you! This week I have a lot in store for you and am excited to hear your feedback and share this with you! It has been a busy week, but it was also a lot of fun! I am excited to use these things in the classroom this year! Let's get down to business;) I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics again for another Made it Monday. Prepare yourself, this will be a long post! My most favorite thing is at the end!

First up: reading center phones! These babies are great for students to read to themselves to hear the sounds and words they are pronouncing. This is a great speech therapy skill to use for students because they can hear themselves like they are talking in their own ear. Now, I must confess, although this was on my list to make this summer, a dear friend offered to make them for me. Isn't that so sweet? All I did was buy the DUCT tape for her and she put these together:] She did an awesome job and I am so grateful for her! Did I mention the DUCT tape is grape scented?! AWESOME.
She was able to make a set of 25

Also this week, I added Word Wall Headers with bright colors and chevron! These turned out so cute and I am very excited to add these to my word wall. This set also includes the letters "WORD WALL" for the top of your focus wall! These are now posted in my TpT store! Store name: Kayla Coutouzis

To match the word wall decor, I also added focus wall decor! These cover the subject areas for the tops of your bulletin boards. HOW CUTE RIGHT?! I am so happy with how these turned out! If you are interested, you can also find these in my store!

As I am gearing up for the new year, I realized I needed a welcome banner! I decided to make one to match my classroom decor. CHEVRON of course! Check this out:)

I am in love with this -at word family mini book bundle! At the beginning of the year, my students always review these and I love that I made them interactive! Super fun and just recently uploaded to my store! Here's a preview!
My vocabulary wall is going to be kickin' this year with these back to school emotions posters! There are lots of emotions with pictures which are perfect for visual learners, ESL students, and beginning writers! For more information, check my TpT store.
Last, but certainly not favorite creation this week. One that took me longer than any of the others! I am so so so so excited to use this in my classroom! 
This is a set of word cards that are perfect for your writing center! Each card has a specific theme with matching pictures and words. You can put them in sheet protectors and place them in a binder or you could laminate them and put them on a ring. 
One thing that will help when having these is that my students won't have to come up to my reading table to ask how to spell a word. Most likely what they are trying to spell is in these sheets! More information about what is included is in my store!

On a side note--I guess you could add this as a "made it" because I MADE IT into the store…..These are some smokin' hot deals this week! Look!
SHARPIES. MY FAV. Pretty much can make any teacher go crazy, right? 0.25 cents AGAIN at Office Max/Office Depot! Hurry in to get your deal because last time this sale went on, they were wiped clean in a couple of days! Sale just started yesterday!

This is the sale I had been waiting for all summer long! .10 composition notebooks! I was so happy the other morning when I saw this. I have 2 sets of Language Arts classes because we are blocked (yes, even in first grade!) I teach reading/writing/spelling-(the language arts) to 2 different sets of classes while my partner does math/science. Last year their writing journals (spirals) completely fell apart with the perforation. I told myself composition was the way to go. Because I needed 50 of them, I still thought .50 was a steep price to pay. When I saw this deal, my husband thought I was crazy. He drove all around town to different locations with me just to get my 50 notebooks:) Of course he did a separate transaction to help me reach this. BOOM all of these for $5.00. WHAT A STEAL! Isn't my hubby so sweet? I think I'll keep him;)

Don't Forget: Today starts the Back to School Sale on TpT! Using Code BTS14 you can get up to 28% off:) My whole store is on sale just for you! Have fun!:)

WHEW. Thank you for letting me share all of my hard work and excitements with you! Let me know what you think. Sorry for such a long post, it has definitely been a busy week for me and I have been a creating MACHINE! I am sorry for the overwhelming TpT items, I know this linkup is not to advertise, but if you are not following my store and because it is such an awesome sale day, I wanted to make you aware of what has been added to my store just in time for the big sale! Have a great week!:)

Check out what other teachers are making back up at the linkup!

Fourth Grade Frolics


  1. Thanks for sharing all these goodies! I love your family word books and writing center words! Now, I have to get off the sofa and run up to office max to get some sharpies! $ .25? What a deal!

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies

  2. Wow! You've been busy! So glad you found the great deals! Do you enjoy teaching block scheduling?

    1. I love block scheduling! It would be hard to go back to a self-contained classroom! It's nice only having to teach one subject area plus social studies:)

  3. Love your phones! Scented duct tape? Who knew?
    TEN cents, seriously??? At office max??!!! I have to go there, I laid .50, which was still good!

    Thanks for sharing
    Hodges Herald

    1. Thank you! Yes, grape! They will love that:) You can go to Office Max or Office Depot and towards the end, I showed them my ad at Walmart and they price matched for me:)

  4. Kayla,

    I just picked up those composition notebooks today! :) I was SUPER excited about the deal! At our location, they allowed me to buy as many as I wanted since I am a teacher. They said that as a teacher there is not a restriction on the amount of items you can buy! I wonder if this is different depending on the location?! Either way, I'm so glad you got the amount you needed! :)

    Growing Littles

    1. That must have been SO NICE! I tried, each location I went to was completely different. One tripled the limit, gave me a goodie bag, sandwich, a bottle of water, and a chocolate covered strawberry for being a teacher, all of the other locations were strict on the limits but they all had different rules. There was no consistency! I ended up showing them the ad at Walmart and they price matched for me and I got my last 20 there:) It would have been nice to get them all at one stop, but I got them:) I should try your location next time;)
      Have a great week!