Friday, August 1, 2014

Five For Friday:Stress Free and Excited You See!

Hello all! Happy Friday:) I'm linking up for yet again ANOTHER Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching! Hope you enjoy!
I am headed for my FIRST EVER trip to Lakeshore (right after this post) I am so excited! I know that I am entering a very dangerous place for teachers, the kind of danger that can hurt a girl's wallet! Can you all believe that it is my first trip to Lakeshore like….ever?! Me either. Here goes nothin'!
I also made my way to Dollar Tree earlier this week. Did you know that they had these cute Non-Fiction books?! I was so stinkin' excited when I found these babies! These will be great for teaching non-fiction text features. Score! They also had some very cute primary journals with lined writing paper and a place for the students to draw a picture. They were in the form of a composition notebook. You have to check them out! :)
Okay friends..I'm really stepping up my game this month! Now that it is August (so crazy) I really need to hit the gym hard. I have not been doing well at all! I keep finding excuses and I can definitely tell in the way my clothes fit! I am thinking about actually incorporating more weights. Usually I do about 40-60 minutes cardio and lift just a little bit. What workouts work best for you?
I just got done deep cleaning the downstairs portion of our home. That has got to be one of the best feelings in the world! I feel much less stress now that this is done. I also got to sing Beyonce while scrubbing my floors. That was fun! Sorry this picture is so dark. That's how our house stays cooler here in Texas! :)
I signed up earlier this week for my very first SLANT box:) I am so excited to get to know these new teachers! This month's theme is Hometown Pride! It is put on by Lessons With Coffee and she does a great job organizing all of this! Each month, you get a partner to send a box to. You get to know them and send them things that are specific to them while maintaining a theme. There is a minimum spending cost and there are rules to what you can and cannot send. You also get to know the person who is sending you the box. This forms 2 new teaching friendships each month! How fun:) To those of you who did not yet know about it--signups for August have already come and gone, but you can always join in the fun next month! I will blog about my goodies that I get from my partner. So Excited! 

Thank you for stopping by and spending a little bit of your Friday with me! Have a great weekend:) Click to get back to the Linky Party:)



  1. I hope you have a van or SUV for your Lakeshore trip! Have fun and enjoy the storewide 20% off sale!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  2. I am excited to be your SLAT box partner!! And you better do a Lakeshore Haul post!! :)